Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Recent Reading

Sorry no pics this time just a few comments on what i've been reading

Military History & Uniforms No 1, (published by Patrizan Press)  very interesting articles on Venetian Army and Navy in the Holy League War 1684-1699, with a brilliant pic of a Venetian heavy cavalryman in Greece 1685, which has given me an idea of doing a conversion using a Hinton Hunt ECW cuirassier with a head swop from either head from HH ECW Royalist trooper or from Les Higgins ECW cavalry figures with plumed hat, Watch this space!!

Swedish Colours & Standards of GNW 1700-21 by Schorr & Hoglund, 2nd revised edition, a much improved version from the 1980's version, all B/W illustrations with descriptions of the colours, excellent printing

Frank Taylor's 2 volumes, Marlborough's Wars, a classic

Wargames Illustrated No 353, great article by Barry Hilton on the abortive raid on Camaret Bay 18th June 1694, this scenario could well be used for other periods, Mr Hilton has also done over recent months several articles for WSS & GNW in above mag, all very useful

1st Peninsular War WSS, after some discussion with other interested parties i have been asked to do a Les Higgins style conversion for a Spanish Death Hussar as illustrated in Funcken's Lace Wars and a Bueno plate, yellow uniform with black trim, wearing a mirliton (was only a short lived unit), Again watch this space!!

A theme seems to be apparent !! Well the period 1660 to 1720 is i must admit my favourite gaming period

Cheers Old John

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Ga Pa

Pics of GNW game last December using Rank & File rules with a few house amendments, 2000ish figures mostly plastic with some Les Higgins Marlburians painted as Swedish, Russian & Saxon Generals
Redan by Imex. Table 10 feet x 5 feet
Must admit I didn't paint all of the figures but commissioned a few lads locally to paint for me, one poor lad took on approx 140 pieces of  Zvedva Russian artillery inc gunners, guns, horses, wagons etc, result was that after completing them all, he had to spend a week in a cold dark room at Psychiatric Hospital to recover!!
Charles XII on litter by Strelets, Peter the Great mounted by Strelets,commanding
 at top right of table were loads of Cossacks including drummers, Priests and dancing girls!!! plus a few wagons mounting light guns

game time was about 19 hours over 2 days followed by a quick Colonial game with "The Men who would be King " rules, which are great fun

Cheers Old John

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

I'm back !!!!

It's been a long time since last posting, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Due to other commitments, health issues etc, so here's few pics of what i've been upto

These were taken by camera phone, all WSS using Les Higgins, Douglas Miniatures, Alberken, S Range Minifigs, current Minifigs, Irregular Miniatures, Warrior1690, Lancer Miniatures, Mars, Strelets, Zvedva, plus conversions etc. More pics to follow asap inc GNW which i've been building up last year or so

Cheers Old John

Friday, 4 May 2012

New SYW Austrians

These are the new SYW Austrians produced by my pal Ingo from Germany, I'm awaiting samples to arrive but as Uwe sent me the pics of them I thought to post them on blog, if anyone interested in getting some please contact me

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

More on 15th century figures from Hungary

If you want to contact Kristian with a view to ordering figures his email  is


prices as far as I know are Euro .80 cents for unpainted and Euro 1.50 to 2.00 for painted (add cost of figure) plus postage

Please give the Hungarian boys your support

More New Figures from Hungary

I nicked this pic off Uwe's blog,
of some of the new 15th century figures produced by the Hungarian boys,  I believe they will supply painted figures at reasonable prices,

Saturday, 31 March 2012

ECW Game

Think I've gone a bit berserk with the piccies, apologies on the quality of some, taken on the Mem-Sahib's camera phone, pics show the initial table set-up before Tony and I got to grips, table 10 feet X 5 feet, just under 1000 figures, Les Higgins  ( some on S Range horses), Hinton Hunt, S range and a few Hinchcliffe and Revell.  First day we used Charles Wesencraft's rules from his "Practical Wargaming" book, these worked extremely well ( well, I would say that seeing how my Parlimentarians won), we played the game over 7/8 hours, had massed cavalry scrap, units flying and dying all over the place, Royalist artillery died at their guns, I was able to outflank the Royalist left wing ( took a hell of a long time to get into position), most enjoyable game against an excellent opponent . Second day charged the layout and fought with Victory without Quarter rules, 15 units a side and again a hard fought battle with, dare i say it, yet another Parlimentarian victory, fight was extremely fierce with me ending up with only 5 viable units and Tony with 3 kind of hurt, Tony will be putting his view and assessment of the games on his blog "Prometheus in Aspic"

Royalist commanders conference

 Royalists certainly needed the above conviences!!

 Parlimentarian Command group

 Royalist Dragoons (Hinton Hunt)

 S Range Scots Lancers
 Scots Infantry

 Hey Fred, do you regret volunteering for the "Forlorn Hope"

 Losers of duels ended up in the stocks!!

 Figures above are Rose ECW

above Tumbling Dice Cuirassiers
 the winning General!!

 above Hinton Hunt Royalist Generals

Buildings from various sources, most tents from the old Atlantic US Camp set, some trees by Merit